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SiteConnect will send an OTA_HotelAvailRQ to retrieve a list of available rooms and their configurations. The connected channel should return a list of all active rooms and configurations.

Only use this message if the connecting channel does not support rate plans.


Specification OTA_HotelAvailRQ

OTA_HotelAvailRQ1Root element
@EchoToken1Globally unique identifier for the request, this will be reflected as an EchoToken in the response.
@Version1Current Version 1
@TimeStamp1Time of the transaction in xml schema dateTime format
OTA_HotelAvailRQ /
AvailRequestSegments / AvailRequestSegment
1..nA SiteConnect request will only contain one AvailRequestSegment requesting rooms for one single hotel at a time.
@AvailReqType1Always “Room”
AvailRequestSegment /
HotelSearchCriteria / Criterion /
1Identifies the hotel for which information is being requested.
@HotelCode1The hotel code for which the information is being requested.


One room per RoomStay.
The RoomDescription@Name will be used to identify the room. 

Please ensure the 'Content Type' of your OTA_HotelAvailRS is 'text/xml; charset=utf-8'

Response with additional room description
Failure Response

Specification OTA_HotelAvailRS

OTA_HotelAvailRS1Root element
@TimeStamp1Time of the transaction in xml schema dateTime format
@Version1Always 1.0
@EchoToken1Globally unique identifier for the request, this should be reflected as an EchoToken in the response.
OTA_HotelAvailRS / Success0..1Should only be present if it was a successful response. The Errors node should not be present if the Success node is present.
OTA_HotelAvailRS / Errors0..1 Contains a list of errors in the event of a failed request
Errors / Error1..n Mandatory if Errors present.

Mandatory if Error present.
Any type from the OTA code table for 'Error Warning Type (EWT)' can be used. In particular, the following types are recommended

1: Unknown
4: Authentication error (If username and password are not authenticated)
6: Authorization error (If authenticated username is not authorized to alter hotel data)
12: Processing exception


Any code from the OTA code table for 'Error Codes (ERR)' can be used. In particular, the following codes are important as they will inform SiteConnect of a room or hotel mapping error

392: Invalid hotel code

OTA_HotelAvailRS / RoomStays0..1A collection of RoomStay elements
RoomStays / Room Stay1..nRoom stay details
RoomStay / RoomTypes /
1Each RoomStay element should contain 1 RoomType
@RoomTypeCode1The code identifying this room
RoomType / RoomDescription1 
@Name1The room name. This name should be a unique description of the room. E.g. "Deluxe Double Room 1 King size bed". The hotel will use this value to identify the room.
RoomDescription / Text0..1Additional text to describe the room
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