EchoToken, Timestamp and POS

<OTA_ReadRQ xmlns="" Version="1.0" TimeStamp="2005-08-01T09:30:47+08:00" EchoToken="echo-abc123">
      <RequestorID Type="22" ID="PMS1"/>
    <HotelReadRequest HotelCode="ABC">
      <SelectionCriteria SelectionType="Undelivered" ResStatus="Book"/>
<OTA_ResRetrieveRS xmlns="" Version="1.0" TimeStamp="2005-08-01T09:31:00+08:00" EchoToken="echo-abc123">


All incoming messages except the OTA_NotifReportRQ are expected to contain a POS element with a RequestorID identifying the sending PMS.


All incoming messages are expected to contain a unique identifier, an EchoToken. This token will be returned in the response. It's recommended that you implement UUIDs -


As of PmsXchange v2, all timestamps will be qualified with a Timezone. All timestamps will be in GMT+0 time.

The GMT timezone does not apply to the dates provided for checkin/checkout, and daily rates. These are reported as provided by the original channel