pmsXchange Connection Process

Sign up Stage

If you wish to become a pmsXchange partner and integrate to the pmsXchange API, you must first apply via the following form - Our business team will get in contact with you once your application has been reviewed. 

Development to the pmsXchange API can only commence once your application has been 'approved' and any applicable agreements are signed.

Welcome to pmsXchange

This page outlines the steps to getting your connection onto the pmsXchange v2 platform, provided by SiteMinder. Prior to commencing development, you must ensure that you have read the Best Practices. We also ask that you complete a Techform (Phase 1) to have an overview on the type of product we will be connecting to and in understanding what functionalities you are planning to support from a technical point of view. The duration of the development to getting your product live with us is 60 business days.

Project roadmap: high level overview of the pmsXchange project to help achieve the 60 business days requirement to complete this integration. Project Timeline - pmsXchange

Phase 1 - Welcome Pack/pmsXchange Techform

Once you have received the pmsXchange Welcome Pack email, please complete the pmsXchange Techform. The link will be provided in the email. 

Phase 2 - Development

Once you have completed the Techform in phase 1, the project will then be handed over to a Technical Analyst who will create a test account and send you all the development details. They will follow-up on your progress weekly and will also be auditing the logs to ensure that you are on the right track. Our Technical Analyst will be on hand to help with any technical questions you have surrounding the pmsXchange API.

Once you confirm that you have completed development, we will require you to fill out our pmsXchange functionality form. This will give us the final list of supported functionalities and the responses to this form will help us generate the Certification Document. We will also provide you with a small pre-certification checklist outlining some basic checks we will do in regards to the XML structure and expected functionality.

Phase 3 - Certification

A Technical Analyst will provide you with a test plan documentation with further instructions for the Certification Phase and specific test cases to be completed & signed off by us. 

Certification Summary

For certification, we send out a document with an array of scenarios to cover the functionality your system will support. The certification will aim to certify the parts of the API you specify to us in the pre-certification stage. During this stage, we will also ensure you adhere to our Integration Requirements and are able to handle our Throttle Limits.

The pmsXchange functionalities are as below:  

  • Availability

  • Rates

  • Restrictions

  • Stop Sell

  • CTA

  • CTD

  • Minimum Length of Stay

  • Maximum Length of Stay

  • Inclusions


  • Single Room (multiple OTA/Booking Channel reservations)

  • Multiple Room

  • Multiple Rate Plans

  • Full Detail Reservation

  • Reservation Modification

  • Reservation Cancellation

  • The ability for PMS to calculate and send back new Availability after a reservation (of any status) is processed

  • Record of dataset captured by PMS (via a technical form and screenshots from the PMS)

Phase 4 - Production Pilot

Once you have been certified by the Technical Analyst, you will be provided with production configuration details. 

We will then agree on 1 hotel to run in a pilot phase, which is connecting one live hotel using The Channel Manager and integrating with your system on our production environment.  The pilot phase is not a test.

The selected hotel should normally be an existing hotel using The Channel Manager. If a selected pilot hotel is a new connection (signing up to get on The Channel Manager), they are subject to the standard SiteMinder training process before moving on to the production pilot phase which can take up to 1 month.

Phase 5 - Live

Once a PMS Provider is certified and the production pilot property is successfully connected, we will announce internal this new connection as live with SiteMinder.

We will then hand over all internal setup documentation to our support and setup teams. Our sales team will also be made aware of the newly live connection. 

Requests for new production property connections can be made by a property or by the PMS Provider through SiteMinder sales.

SiteMinder Sales will ensure that the property getting connectivity is appropriately aware of the connection and ensure that the SiteMinder configuration and training team is made aware of the pending set up and will manage property go live expectations.