PMSX Payments API

This section covers a new set of messages that allows a PMS to retrieve reservation payment transaction data. These payment transactions are payments taken against a reservation via SiteMinders Pay product.

Each payment transaction will contain discrete details of the Payment and it's associated reservation and they should be treated as a single transaction. There can be multiple payments for a reservation, taken at different times during the reservations life cycle.

Each successfully processed transaction can then be confirmed back to pmsXchange, marking them as delivered. This follows a similar pattern to the asynchronous pull model of the reservation delivery flow currently used in pmsXchange. You can read more details about the new message flow here.

This new function also utilises the same SOAP, POS and Error message formatting as the ARI and reservation functions, leveraging the existing API development.  

SOAP Message Structure

EchoToken Timestamp and POS

Error Handling

Finally it uses the same PMS codes and hotel codes as our pmsXchange messages.

The new messages are:



and an enhancement to our current messages