Rates (OTA_HotelRateAmountNotif)

SiteMinder currently only supports Daily Rate, and not Weekly or Monthly Rate.

SiteMinder does support Package Rates. However, this Package Rate must be a Daily Package rate. All extras / discounts must be included in the rates being sent.

SiteMinder currently does not support Extra / Supplement / Discount rates being sent separately from Room Only Rates. The rates that you're sending must include all charges as a daily rate.

SiteMinder currently does not support Seasonal Rates. However, you may utilise Restriction functionalities to set the seasons.

SiteMinder only takes rates for the base occupancy of each room. The difference in rates for each occupancy will be handled on the booking channels' side as each booking channel will have different pricing models.

Single, Double and triple rates are not supported by pmsXchange, the base rate amount (BaseByGuestAmt) is how the OTA's work out the base amount for a specific amount of people and have extra / single / double / triple / child rates etc configured on their sites. Only a handful of OTA's allow us to set these in SiteMinder and this is only configurable in SiteMinder by the property.

There are a few reasons for this, but please first check if you are sending to the correct environment. Our test environment web service URL is https://cmtpi.siteminder.com/pmsxchangev2/services/INSERT-REQUESTOR-ID-HERE.

If you have sent the request to the correct web service URL, please send us an email to partner.integrations@siteminder.com

SiteMinder supports updates for up to 750 days in the future.

 No, if you receive an Error message back from pmsXchange, the entire message is failed and none of the data contained will be processed.

No. Your PMS is expected to be the master of the 'Rate' data if you've been certified to carry it across pmsXchange v2.