Availability & Restrictions (OTA_HotelAvailNotif)

The Channel Manager will reduce Availability on newly created reservations in the 'Book' status. However, Modifications (Modify) and Cancellations (Cancel) to existing bookings will not have their 'Availability' changed/updated in the Channel Manager. It is expected that the PMS process Modifications and Cancellations messages and provide the relevant 'Availability' changes via a OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ.

Availability updates should be sent when they are updated in your PMS system (delta updates). Additionally you can send one full flush dataset per day to ensure all dates have synced correctly.

Delta updates contain only information for particular room rates and particular dates that have been updated. Only information that has changed should be sent.

You can send these messages without the rate code, you can enter RatePlanCode and/or InvTypeCode to identify a room type. Please see the specs located at OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ.

When receiving update messages with only InvTypeCode, availability of all room types with the same InvTypeCode attached (regardless of the Rate Plan Codes) shall be updated as indicated in the messages.

When receiving update messages with only Rate Plan Code, availability of all room types with the same Rate Plan Code (different Room Codes) shall be updated as per indicated in the messages.

Please be aware of that the information in the latest message will be used. For example, if you send us the inventory of 10 for all Single Rooms, we will apply inventory of 10 to all Single Rooms. You then send us inventory of 20 for all room with Standard Rate Code attached, all rooms with the Standard Rate code attached will have their inventory set as of 20, including the Single Room - Standard.

SiteMinder is currently supporting the following:

  • Stop Sell

  • Close To Arrival (CTA)

  • Close To Departure (CTD)

  • Minimum Length of Stay

  • Maximum Length of Stay

Currently, SiteMinder does not support Maximum Stay Through.

Currently, SiteMinder does not support Minimum Stay Through.

Minimum Stay Through is the minimum number of nights the guest must stay if any part of the reservation touches the specific date. SiteMinder does not currently support Minimum Stay Through.

Minimum Length of Stay is the minimum number of nights the guest must stay if this date is the requested arrival date.

Yes, you can. Please note that the rooms still remain with StopSell on.

This is related to our function MinStay. Room and Rate codes can manage MinStay updates for different room stays for a specific room type, ie: Room code 1 can have multiple rate codes that each manage a different room stay (2 night min, 3 night min, etc) and also have a specific rate for each room stay.

No, the message must ONLY CONTAIN data relevant to the action being performed in your PMS. Please refer to our Best Practices section.

There are a few reasons for this, but please first check if you are sending to the correct environment. Our test web services are:
All the details to access the pmsXchange test service would have been included in our 'Development Pack' email.
If you have sent the request to the correct web service URL, please send us an email partner.integrations@siteminder.com

SiteMinder supports updates for up to 750 days in the future

 No, if you receive an Error message back from pmsXchange, the entire message is failed and none of the data contained will be processed.

No, the Channel Manager assumes once a PMS is integrated, that it is the master of all certified ARI data.